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Taipei City Government Won the First Place Honor in the National Evaluation of the Performance of Financial Affairs

The Department of Finance (DoF) of Taipei City Government (TCG) announces that TCG was ranked the first place in the “2015 Evaluation of Supporting Programs for Local Governments’ Financial Affairs”, which was published by Ministry of Finance (MoF) in January, 2017. The honor was awarded in the “Coordination Task Force for Local Governments’ Financial Affairs”, hosted by MoF on January, 6th 2017.

The evaluation subjects included municipalities and county (city) governments with 22 governments in total. Four aspects were evaluated, including public treasury management, finance management, debt management and public asset management. This year, TCG won the first price in the public treasury management, finance management and public asset management; the debt management was 2nd place in whole local governments, but 1st place within 6 municipalities. The overall result of 2015 Evaluation was given the 1st honor to TCG. In addition, TCG was invited to share the experiences and results of public treasury management, finance management and public asset management with other commissioners of finance.

The DoF further reports that TCG had many impressive achievements in public treasury management. For example, the promotion of centralized payment operation resulted in a 99.63% implementation rate of e-payment. This greatly enhanced overall efficiency of payment operations for agencies and schools. In addition, the expansion of centralized payment operation led to an increase of capital for TCG to coordinate and dispatch. Moreover, TCG boosted the performance of the account of treasury by selecting and visiting city’s agent bank regularly.

In the aspect of finance management, TCG actively established and executed financial strategies for broadening sources of revenue and reducing expenditure. Covered enforcing tax collection, cleaning up tax arrears, reasonable housing tax reform and implementing a rational user charge policy. The strategies covered and implementing a rational user charge policy. In the aspect of public asset management, TCG aimed to reduce inefficient expenditure by implementing property registration management and utilizing city-owned lands and houses. Besides, TCG broadened revenue by renting and providing short-term right to use of city’s properties. The public lands with large areas were developed in cooperation with the private sector so as to increase the fund for city development.

In the aspect of debt management, TCG has been actively using strategies to improve debt management performance and consolidate city’s debt structure. In 2015 the scheduled budget for paying off debt and the annual revenue and surplus from the previous year contributed a 16.6 billion NTD debt reduction.

The DoF’s efforts and results of promoting financial affairs have gained the recognition from the central government. The DoF will persevere in an effort and continue making progress.

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  • Source: Department of Finance, Taipei City Government