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TCG Hosting“The Living Justice Forum II” Had Great Response. Related Suggestions Will Be Included In The Follow-Up Policies Evaluation Reference.

Taipei City Government (TCG) had hosted “The Living Justice Forum II” on 13th Mar, 2017, got great attendance rate. The forum gathered representatives from industries, academics, city councilors and those who concerned about the issues of living justice.

The issues of first half of the forum are is “rental subsidy and residential policy” which lead by Department of Social Welfare (DoSW) and Department of Urban Development (DoUD). Mainly focused on proposal of giving rental assist and subsidies to those who do not have self-occupied property, and encouraging private houses owners to release the vacant houses. The issues of second half of the forum are about “improving housing market strategy and reforming the house tax” lead by Department of Land Administration (DoLA), Department of Finance (DoF) and Taipei City Revenue Service(TRS). The main purposes are is to explore the strategies to improve city's housing market, incentives housing tax rate to single self-occupied house owners, and property tax information disclosure reform measures.

The forum II followed last forum hosted last September, by means of forum, TCG introduced feasible adjusted programs to representatives of citizens concerning about the issues of the living justice in Taipei, and collecting suggestions through interflow of the representatives of industries, academics, councilors and those who concerned about the issues of the living justice, to be evaluation references of strategies or policy adjustments follow up.

The Living justice is a big issue in Taiwan. TCG grouped 5 departments, including DoSW, DoUD, DoLA, Dof and TRS, by introducing feasible revised programs about “revised version of rental subsidy”, “owners to release vacant houses incentives – TCG’s pilot scheme of private houses escrow services for leasing and maintenance”, “improving housing market of the living justice strategy map”, “self-occupied house tax reform” and “land tax and house property tax information disclosure”.

The forum was discussed enthusiastically. TCG expressed gratitude to the representatives of industries, academics, city councilors, and citizens by giving the valuable advices. The city government will work on seeking the best solution to living problems in Taipei, and making the housing policies in Taipei better and better.

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  • Source: Department of Finance, Taipei City Government