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City Finance Management Division

City Finance Management Division

Finance Administration

The services of this division are the financial management of government agencies and schools under the Taipei City Government (TCG). There are three sub-divisions handling the following services.

1. Financial management of public services agencies

2. Management and supervision of Taipei Municipal Treasury

3. Staff operation for the Management Committee of Taipei for Foundation of Surplus by Trading the Land in Lieu Expenditure from Land Readjustment , management of investment in private/public business, management of annual fiscal revenues, management of Special Funds and TCG-owned enterprises, management and promotion of TCG Bonds and management of the TCG Debt Fund.

In order to reach the goal of “Fast financial actions, high financial performance and more funds raised”, the Division strives to streamline financial management and make effective utilization of limited resources and also reinforces in the management measures of liability and fund. Consolidating the management of Municipal Treasury to ensure the safety of treasury and financial flexibility, the Division also supports cutting expenditures and increasing revenues of interest.

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