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Taipei City Government won the 2018 PPP Distinguished Awards for the second time in succession

In 2018, with efforts made by Taipei City Government (TCG), 16 projects of private participation in public works were signed, reaching total private investment of NT$59.1 billion. Owing to the best performance among Local governments, TCG won the 2018 PPP Distinguished Awards which were presented at“2019 Taiwan PPP Solicitation Convention”,held by the Ministry of Finance, for the second time in succession.

At the convention, TCG promoted 5 investment projects with an estimated investment amount of NT$35.1 billion, including the Project of the Superficies on Beitou-Shihlin Technology Park T16, T17 and T18 City Lands, Taipei city Xinyi Dist. Liuzhangli AB Block Smart Senior Social Housing OT Project, Taipei Beitou Audiovisual and Music Industrial Park Project, Land Development Project of the Adjacent Site of the Xinpu Station on the Bannan line, and Taipei Youth Park Sports and Leisure Area OT Project.

Welcome to visit website : https://pppproject.gov.taipei/default.aspx to get more information about the projects.