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Taipei Revenue Service announces extended office hours on Wednesday

The Taipei Revenue Service is now offering a thoughtful and considerate service for the working citizens of Taipei. Since Aug. 15, 2018 TRS has had extended office hours until 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday for those applying for tax documents with an appointment. Now people can pick up their tax documents after work hours and needn’t take a day off.


To explain further: TRS initiated an appointment service on Oct. 16. 2017, in order to reduce waiting time for tax inquiries, reissuance of tax bills, applications for certificates, and other services. More than 700 applications had been satisfied by the end of June 2018. TRS took into consideration that many double-income families and office workers are busy and have difficulty in taking time off work. Therefore, since Aug. 15, you have been able to make an appointment by phone or fax, or online, selecting the pick up location and time as Wednesday before 7:30 p.m. You will receive personal service and can pick up your tax documents on the way home. For any further questions, please call (02) 23949211 ext. 181 or 182.