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Department of Finance


Taipei City Government Held the ”Living Justice Forum VII”, The Further Refinement of Housing Tax Issue, Related Suggestions Will be Included in Follow-Up Policy Evaluation Reference.

Taipei City Government(TCG) held the “Living Justice Forum VII” on March 16th, 2018. Department of Finance (DoF) was responsible for the Issue 3 The further refinement of house tax. The public sector, private sector, academic field, city council members and citizens who concerned about housing tax issues participate in discussions, and the forum is very successful!




DoF expressed that the main content of this forum is to discuss location rate assessment of house taxable base and the use of scientific methods to establish quantitative indicators and incorporate geographic information systems (GIS) to make the assessment more objective, reasonable and institutionalized. In order to enable citizens to understand location rates of Taipei City, an inquiry platform will be established to facilitate citizens to inquire about location rates. In addition, in the inspection of house tax this year, the vacant houses will be included. TCG plans to check the consumption of water and electricity, and discusses various effective methods through the forum. When the cost of holding vacant houses will be increased, vacant houses will be released for the most effective use. Moreover, TCG announced that citizens who only have one self-use residential house can get taxable base deduction last year. Under the premise of protecting the owner’s living right, TCG discussed the definition of citizens who only have one self-use residential house.




DoF further explained that the various opinions given by forum attendees will be included in follow-up policy evaluation reference by the DoF and Taipei Revenue Service, making the house tax in Taipei more equitable and reasonable.