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The application deadline of house tax cut measures for Taipei City’s indoor-dining-prohibited business has been extended to September 1, 2021

Taipei City Revenue Service (TRS) stated that epidemic alert has been downgraded to level 2 since July 27 in Taipei city, but in consideration for epidemic prevention, relaxing on in-store dining ban is postponed until August 3. Taxpayers whose business area is reduced due to in-store dining ban or business under self-closure can apply from TRS for house tax cut from 3% to 2% before September 1, 2021 to relieve their burden.
TRS indicated, in response to the impact of COVID-19, level 3 alert has been imposed on Taipei City since May 15, 2021, along with the announcement that exhibition and contest venues (such as movie theaters, performance halls), educational facilities and venues (such as study centers, training classes) and leisure and entertainment venues (such as singing and dance venues, bars, KTVs, gyms) should be closed. For business closure owing to the preventive measures, TRS has taken the initiative to reduce house tax from 3% to 2%. In order to strengthen the epidemic prevention, Taipei City announced in-store dining ban at restaurants and beverage shops since May 24. For reduced business areas as such, taxpayers can apply for house tax reduction.
Due to the success of national epidemic prevention, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) considered the recent domestic epidemic stabilizing situation, and took into account the experience of other countries' epidemic prevention adjustments. CECC has lowered the epidemic alert to level 2 since July 27. The originally announced business-suspended industries gradually opened up, but the relaxing on in-store dining ban is postponed until August 3, considering communities of Taipei areas are still under latent infection crisis. Taxpayers not yet applied for house tax cut during the in-store dining ban period can apply for house tax cut from 3% down to 2% on account of reduced business area due to in-store dining ban or self-closure within 30 days after the ban-lifting on August 3, i.e. before September 1. Application period will be revised on a rolling basis according to dine-in prohibition policy
TRS reminded that although domestic epidemic is slowing down, outbreak prevention cannot be loosened. To avoid the increasing risk of infection through counter application, the public is encouraged to make better use of Taipei City Government’s Citizen Service Platform (URL: https://service.gov.taipei/)/ bail-out on COVID-19 section / tax-cut entry for online application, or contact TRS branches by phone or fax for tax cut application. It’s reassured and convenient. For more information, please inquire at the nearest Office or branches, or make toll-free call on 0800-000-321 or TRS service line on (02) 2394-9211 ext. 181,182.

Taipei City's Temporary Relief Measure-Tax Cut - house tax reduction from 3%→2% for reduced business areas due to the impact of COVID-19