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Department of Finance


TCG plans to set up electronic billing system for taxes and fees

In order to implement the paperless policy achieving energy efficiency and carbon reduction, the Department of Finance (DOF) of Taipei City Government (TCG) schedules setting up a system called "Taxes & Fees e-Billing" in three years.


DOF says, it's a cross-agency system covering municipal taxes and fees, and also a one-stop platform integrating functions such as applying e-bills, receiving proactive notifications, making payments, managing personal accounts and keeping payment history electronically for users. Thus, it benefits citizens to get superior convenience and prevent from overdue payments via personalized services.


Since a vast number of bills were printed and mailed by all of municipal agencies in 2016, DOF thinks promoting e-bills comprehensively is a way to reduce not only costs of printing and postage but CO2 emissions. Furthermore, as mentioned above, "Taxes & Fees e-Billing" will be programmed to combine various functions into the same interface which is more accessible to citizens.


DOF also indicates, the feasibility assessment and preliminary plan are expected to be conducted in 2018; in 2020, the system will be established completely for public access to online services, meanwhile, it will reach the milestone of paperless billing services and elevate the quality of citizens' digital life in the City of Taipei.