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Department of Finance


Multi Revitalization of City Property

In order to create city property value and ensure fiscal sustainability, Department of Finance (DoF) of Taipei City Government (TCG) is actively promoting multi revitalization of city property. TCG has established “Municipal Assets Revitalization and Utilization Task Force” (MARUTF) to supervise and review issues on idle municipal assets, allocate those properties to TCG agencies or outsourcing for official use and release non-public-use city properties.




DoF indicated that MARUTF has revitalized 9 idle municipal spaces in 2017, including Taipei First Girls High School’s dormitory and subordinate agencies of Department of Labors’ office. For fully utilizing municipal assets. As of 2018, TCG invites experts to join MARUTF. Mr. Chih-Ming Chen, the DoF commissioner, said DoF has collated the municipal idle dormitories data and supervised the TCG agencies to revitalize the idle spaces in 6 months. Besides, in February, 2018, MARUTF had passed “Requesting for Proposals on Revitalizing Idle Municipal Properties Plan” which is drafted by DoF and had selected 6 sites for public to offer creative proposals, which has above 50 percent public use on revitalizing idle municipal properties. DoF will continue select suitable objects and announce the information on DoF’s website for public to join.



The non-public-use city property, including the former city council site managed by DoF has been successfully awarded with a royalty of NT$2.88 billion, and the former old and shabby dormitory of Taipei City Police Department (TCPD) located on Ln. 190, Sec. 1, Keelung Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City, through a right transfer of urban renewal, has turned into 37 apartments and 48 parking spaces managed by DoF and DoF had signed the contract with the successful bidder with an annual rent of NT$ 18.72 million and the awarded bidder is planning to operate service apartments in the future. Furthermore, DoF will open the tender for Zhong Qin Villa, Wenshan District and TCPD’s dormitory on Sec. 2 Bade Road separately in March and in May, 2018. Hope future awarded bidders can revitalize these non-public-use city property and provide affordable rent in the leasing market.