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The Gold Auction held by the Taipei City Secured Small Loans Service was successfully finished. Thanks for your participation!

The Taipei City Secured Small Loans Service just held a Gold Auction on November 5, 2019. The total number of items for this auction is 20, each of which is about 600 grams. The total number is off the mark, and the total amount of the mark is about 17.6 million NT dollars, the premium rate is about 0.72%.


The Taipei City Secured Small Loans Service announced that in the future, the auction of exquisite gold or jewelry which are strictly selected will be held online. Through the "Flash Go" website, we will use electronic online operations to bid and confirmed, break through the constraints of geographical and time, and provide people with more open, transparent, simple and time-saving bidding opportunities. Cordially invite people to join the official LINE (The Taipei City Secured Small Loans Service) for immediately auction message without missing the opportunities, look forward to seeing you next bids On Line!