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The Forum on "Non-Self-Use Houses and Empty Homes Tax System" Held by Taipei City Government Attracted Overwhelming Response

The Department of Finance of Taipei City Government held the forum on "Non-Self-Use Houses and Empty Homes Tax System" on October 4 to discuss whether to increase house tax rate on non-self-use houses and empty homes, and to reduce underground leasing. The process went smoothly.


The Department indicated that houses are used for living well, rather than speculation. Taipei City Government has applied the differential tax rate on householders with non-self-use houses since July 1, 2014. That is, householders who own, but do not occupy less than 2 houses, need to pay a house tax of 2.4 percent per house, and those who own, but do not occupy more than 3 houses are subject to a house tax of 3.6 percent per house, in order to moderately increase the cost of holding houses.


The issues such as the possibility to increase in the tax rate on holding non-self-use houses for implementing living justice, the advices to impose the empty homes tax for enhancing the utility of houses which learnt from referential experiences from other countries, and the approaches to reducing underground leasing were discussed at this forum. The experts and scholars provided incisive insights and valuable opinions.


The Department further expressed its gratitude to the experts, scholars, and citizens who cared about the above-mentioned issues for their precious opinions. The Department of Finance and the Taipei City Revenue Service will organize the advices from various sectors to evaluate as a policy reference to improve the tax system with more fairness and rationality for living justice.


The Forum on "Non-Self-Use Houses and Empty Homes Tax System" went smoothly.