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National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology visited TCG to Learn Electronic Write-off System

   Deputy principal of National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology,Wen-xiang Huang,together with faculties visited TCG to learn how the electronic write-off System works. He stated the NKUST has more than 28,000 students on 5 different campuses, hoping that  they can learn from TCG on cash  write-off system to set up their own. Deputy commissioner of Department of Finance Dr. Shih-Ming You and 3 other related departments held the meeting to brief them the details.
   Mayor Wen-je Ko emphasizes  e-policy ,which is lead by  Deputy Secretary-General Chih-ming Chen. In line with the promotion of the electronic invoice  write-off system  by the Central Government, the TCG issued the “Taipei City Government Electronic Write-Off Project” in 2018, integrating four related information systems such as purchasing, verification, accounting and disbursement. Instead of the traditional paper receipts or invoices, the original vouchers will be replaced by electronic data, and the electronic invoices will be processed for electronic verification and disbursement operations, which have multiple targets such as promoting electronic invoices, reducing paper use and administrative e-government.
    Since 2019,the inauguration of system on electronic purchasing and disbursement, TCG has completed 140 budget agencies and 25 special funds online so far. In 2020, all schools will would also gradually join in. Commissioner of Department of Finance Jia-jen Chen stated that the rate of electronic invoices has reached 57% and the rate of electronic write-off cases came to 97.7%. Up until now, 200 thousand more write-off cases were listed in the system, which saved a lot of paper usage and bureaucratic seals.
   Through the experience exchanges with the NKUST, we hope this meeting can be beneficial to both of us. TCG will also be glad to share the experience with other units.