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TCG Will Validate Electronic Invoice Verification System in 2019 And Give Preference to E-invoicing Suppliers When Conducting Procurement

Promoted by Ministry of Finance (MOF), the volume of e-invoices has grown significantly in recent years. According to MOF, electronic proportion of total invoice volume has reached around 70%. To collaborate on the policy and accelerate the use of e-invoices, Taipei City Government (TCG) has combined MOF’s E-invoice Platform and established E-invoice Verification System. By verifying e-invoices from the platform, the system will be able to integrate with enterprise e-commerce and thereby fulfill e-government and eco-friendly objectives.


Based on the principle of “government takes lead “when promoting policies, Department of Finance (DOF) of TCG had been discussing with audit sector on the feasibility of verifying e-invoices. The validation of E-invoices Verification System starts from 2019, TCG agencies are required to adopt the system, applying it to procurements under NTD$100,000 (approx.USD$3,390) and grant preference to e-invoicing suppliers.