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Welcome to join the Flash Sale activity of "Taipei Shwoo Website"

Based on the concept of "sustainable development and promotion of resource recycling", Taipei City Secured Small Loans Service has established "Taipei Shwoo Website" (referred to as Shwoo Website), which is currently the largest government agencies online auction platform in the country. “Shwoo Website” uses internet technology to auction daily. At present, there are more than 91,000 members, 3,986 participating government agencies, a total of 242,000 transactions, and a transaction value of 810 million NT dollars. Welcome to join us, and promote the reuse of second-hand resources.
Taipei City Secured Small Loans Service stated that “Shwoo Website” strives to meet the needs of users and has actively improved its service efficiency in recent years. In addition to increasing multiple payment channels and online refund application services, it has launched "Flash Sale" activity from time to time, which takes hidden price bidding and collect bid bond. The lots of “Flash Sale” activities include car, motorcycle, pawn and recycled furniture, etc. “Shwoo Website” will become an auction site where has two types of bidding modes, open price bidding and hidden price bidding.
To become the member of “Shwoo Website” or LINE friend of Taipei City Secured Small Loans Service immediately and you will not miss the information of bidding.