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Taipei City Secured Small Loans Service is your good friend of living life, if you want to loan.

  Taipei City Secured Small Loans Service is one of the only two public pawnshops in the country. Since its establishment in 1949, it has provided low-cost and safe short-term capital turnover services for the public. At present, the monthly loan interest rate is 0.68%, which is already the lowest loan interest. Taipei City Secured Small Loans Service implements the "Preferential Borrowed Rate for Taipei Citizens" measure. For citizens and disadvantaged based in Taipei City, monthly discount rates of 0.66% and 0.63% are provided respectively. People with financial needs can consider this.
  Taipei City Secured Small Loans Service indicated that as of the end of November in 2019, it has served more than 38,000 person-times, with more than 62,000 loans, providing financing of about 2,566 billion NT dollars, and providing diversified fund turnover for the people. In addition to the traditional loan item as Rolex, we also accept platinum, colored diamonds and premium watches in recent years, we have received 256 new cases in total till the end of November in 2019, and about 11,000,000 NT dollars has been provided. In addition, in response to the trend, the "electric scooter" will be added in 2020 as a loanable item.
In addition, in order to serve the people with financial needs at night, Taipei City Secured Small Loans Service with extended business hours, with the Songlong branch on every Tuesday and the Zhongshan branch on Thursday to extend the service time to 7:45 pm. People are welcome to make more use.
  In recent years, Taipei City Secured Small Loans Service has been committed to providing "diamond-level" services, subverting the public's existing impression of pawn shops, providing a bright and comfortable environment for public relations, and won the first government service award of the Executive Yuan in 2018. We hope to become a " good friend of living life " and urge the people to take out important items in their homes and turn them around. As long as you pay a small amount of interest, you can get through the difficulties and leave meaningful treasures.
  The website of Taipei City Secured Small Loans Service: https://op.gov.taipei/