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What is land development management plan in Taipei City?

In order to consolidate city asset administration, strengthen short term usage and interest increment and long term development so as to sustain city assets, the Taipei City land development management plan is as follows:
A. Management Principle
1. Depletion of existing illegal possessions, prevention of new illegal possessions
2. Before development of a land, short term usage administration or preliminary greening must be made
B. Development Principle
1. In cooperation with land purpose decided by urban plan, and preference for public facility
2. For public construction that can be done with own funding: for those that are not built yet, BOT manner can be adopted that civilians can invest and develop. As for those that have already been built, civilian organizations can be authorized to operate according to the business.
3. For those that lack funding by themselves, their supervising institutes can apply for budget to build themselves in compliance with urban planning
4. According to the size of the land area, location and development value, following manners can be taken to develop and use: open bidding for setting up land usage right, joint development, participation of urban redevelopment, and to co-build or entrust to build with adjacent land for common development or with fragmentary land for sale.