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NO.TitlePublish Date
1Tax preference to houses leased for public welfare purposes - applicable to legitimate residences only2021-05-13
2The implementation of the excess profits mechanism for PPP projects during the Mayor Ko Wen-Je’s term in office has gradually become effective2021-05-06
3Taipei City Revenue Service (TRS) kickoff 2021 house tax inspection2021-03-18
4Land and House in a testamentary trust can also be applied for self-use residence tax rate.2021-03-11
5Taipei City Initiated the Halving of Amusement Tax for 7 Months in Response to the Epidemic Impact on Entertainment Consumption.2021-01-29
6Taipei City Installed Vehicle License Tax Billing Kiosk for Your Convenience and Efficiency.2021-01-27
7The Halving of Amusement Tax in Taipei City Starts on December 1st, 2020!2021-01-27
8The Taipei City Government reduces the risk of investors and allows the old City Council to set superficial rights smoothly.2021-01-27
9Taipei City Government won the 2019 PPP Distinguished Awards for the third time in succession2020-08-24
10The Idea and Practice of Residential Justice symposium held by the Taipei City Government was successfully concluded, and suggestions will be incorporated into the follow-up promotion reference.2020-07-21
11Tax Counter is Online2020-06-05
12Don’t Worry About COVID-19 Taipei City Revenue Service Lowers the Tax Burden2020-03-09
13National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology visited TCG to Learn Electronic Write-off System2020-02-19
14Taipei City Secured Small Loans Service is your good friend of living life, if you want to loan.2020-01-31
15Welcome to join the Flash Sale activity of "Taipei Shwoo Website"2020-01-31
162019 year-end press conference2019-12-27
17The Gold Auction held by the Taipei City Secured Small Loans Service was successfully finished. Thanks for your participation!2019-11-29
18The Forum on "Non-Self-Use Houses and Empty Homes Tax System" Held by Taipei City Government Attracted Overwhelming Response2019-10-29
19Taipei City Government Lowers Tax Rate for Single Owner-Occupied Residential Property Again in order to carry out Housing Justice2019-10-01
20The Taipei City Government (TCG) has expanded the scope of electronic verification operations since August 2019 to implement the e-government goal2019-08-20