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NO.TitlePublish Date
1The Department of Finance (the DoF) held a successful press conference in March 2023. The DoF is ready to provide more convenient and high-quality services for citizens through the innovation of financial business.2023-03-14
2The Department of Finance, Taipei City Government, has established the data on unused municipal real estate to increase the efficiency in the appropriation and utilization of public city real property.2023-02-22
3Ministry of Finance officials visited Taipei City Revenue Service to conduct a tax collection assessment2023-02-14
4Taipei City Government (the TCG) shows fiscal discipline by reducing debt properly2023-02-03
5Commissioner of Department of Finance, Taipei City Government visited the agent bank of government treasury to ensure smooth service during the Lunar New Year holiday.2023-01-18
6Department of Finance(the DoF), Taipei City Government presses ahead with bilingualization of government public information and devotes to enhancing the capability of English communication.2023-01-06
7The superficies rights of the former site of the administrative center of Xinyi District, Taipei City was successfully handed over to the contract winner in accordance with the contract.2022-12-20
8The Open Tender for the 5th Short-Term Borrowing of Taipei City’s Debt Fund in Fiscal Year 2022 is Successfully Completed.2022-11-03
9Try electronic tax payment, you may be the lucky one to win a gift certificate2022-10-26
10Visited by central and local finance teams and municipal consultants of financial, Taipei Expo receive positive feedback2022-09-05
11Amendment for Halving Amusement Tax Has passed Through Three Readings2022-08-04
12Taipei City Government has won the PPP Distinguished Awards for five consecutive years after striving to promote private investment in public infrastructure2022-07-01
13Taipei City Secured Small Loans Service provide preferential interest relief measures2022-06-01
142022 house-tax payment deadline is on May 31, reminding the public to pay soon and make more use of online tax payment for ease and convenience.2022-05-25
15Taipei City Government Continues Soliciting Private Sector’s Creative Proposals for Revitalizing Idle Municipal Properties2022-04-01
16New Project of Action Plan for Housing Justice 2.4, Advocacy of Differential Tax Rate for Other Houses Used for Residential Purposes2022-03-25
17Taipei city revenue service will start the 2022 annual land value tax registration and usage recertification work from now on.2022-02-19
18All-electric cars and motorcycles in Taipei City are exempted from Vehicle License Tax up until December 31, 20252022-01-13
19Taipei City Revenue Service KIOSK is on Trial now. Timely Service with Free Gift!2021-12-22
20Taipei City Government won the 2020 PPP Distinguished Awards for the fourth time in succession2021-10-07