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1After the Lunar New Year, the fiscal debt reduction of the Mayor Chiang’s government amounted to $10 billion, and the debt per capita is targeted to be under $30,000 in 2024 .2024-02-15
2The new regulation on the provision of city-owned real estate in Taipei City has come into effect, extending the duration of use to 5 years. The rental fees are now determined taking into account both financial benefits and public welfare.2024-02-01
3Taipei City ranked first among all local governments in the first year after Mayor Chiang took office with Investment Promotion of More Than $27 Billion2024-02-01
4The TCG Takes the Lead in Issuing Government "Social Bonds" to Bring Government Departments into Line with International Sustainable Development2024-01-10
5The "Urban Renewal Project of Public Land No.302, 303, 3th Subsection, Lihe Section, Xinyi District in Taipei City", led by the TCG, provides a Liuzhangli Police Station and Community Center, enhancing the value of city-owned properties and meeting citizens' need.2024-01-05
6Mayor Chiang's Inaugural Anniversary: Debt Reduction of $7.4 Billion, Investment Promotion of More Than $27 Billion, DOF Takes the Lead in New Measures to Respond to the Policy of Becoming a Sports Capital.2023-12-25
7DOF Actively Investigates Illegal and Inferior Tobacco and Alcohol to Protect the Health of the Public.2023-12-15
8House Tax of the Neighborhood of Songshan Airport Affected by Aircraft Noises has been Reduced via Downgrading the Location Rate, TCG will Continue Trying for More Subsidies from the Central Government.2023-12-08
9TCG's "Taipei Information Park and Parking Lot BOT Project" Received the Ministry of Finance's 21st Golden Thumb Award – "Superior"2023-12-01
10DOF expands the centralized disbursement service and distributes free calendar in the Municipal Building2023-11-17
11Taipei City Government and Taipei Fubon Bank have Signed a New Government Treasury Agent Bank Contract, Creating a Triple-win Situation.2023-11-10
12TCSSLS is considering raising the gold lending standard to provide the public with higher borrowing2023-11-01
13The Taipei City Secured Small Loans Service Echoes the "International Repair Day" by Promoting Recycling and Reuse in the Community.2023-10-21
14Taipei City-Owed Land Located Outside of the City is Mostly Acquired by Tax Offsets. DOF has already inventoried large-area, high-value land for development and utilization to maximize the value of municipal properties.2023-10-15
15DOF held an investment promotion meeting for the creation of Superficies cases on 6 municipal lands, including No. 21, Section 5, Tanmei Section, Neihu District, and the process went smoothly and successfully.2023-10-06
16DOF visited Lienchiang County Government, exchanging ideas on financial management and professional knowledge of tobacco and alcohol.2023-09-13
17DOF, Taipei City Government, participated in the Pan Pacific Congress of Real Estate Appraisers, Valuers and Counselors, sharing experiences in public property valuation and housing tax base assessment.2023-09-08
18DOF, Taipei City Government, and the Los Angeles County Assessor's Office - Professional Property Appraisal Discussion.2023-09-01
19DOF, Taipei City Government Attend the IAAO 2023 Annual Conference, Raised Taiwan's Visibility.2023-08-31
20DOF of Taipei City Government, and the Finance Department of Salt Lake City, USA have had a fruitful exchange and will sign an agreement.2023-08-29