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Our Missions

1. To raise funds for all city government undertakings and assist all Taipei City Government (TCG) agencies in implementing various urban development projects in order to support development with effective financing and sustaining financing with effectual development
2. To strive for rich financial resources, high financial efficiency, and responsive financial measures and emphasize on the conversion of financial controls into financial services, governmental financial management into business financial management procedures, and passive supply into active support
3. To reshape operational structure through introduction of business management concepts and various initiatives to increase overall flexibility and efficiency in response to challenges
4. To maintain a service-oriented perspective that views the general public as customers and provides them with effective quality services
5. To continue to promote the concept of personnel quality enhancement, operational quality assurance, and institutional quality management to improve our overall administrative efficiency


1. Improve debt management and the overall financial efficiency of the Taipei City Government
2. Support amendments over the Act Governing the Allocation of Government Revenues and Expenditures to maintain local government revenues
3. Continue strengthening the processing of finance and insurance consumer disputes to protect consumer rights
4. Supervise the Revenue Service Office in promoting reasonable property tax
5. Strengthen two-way communications amongst businesses in tobacco and alcohol; improve public awareness of the Tobacco and Alcohol Administration Act
6. Accelerate introduction of private-sector vigor and capital into promotion of infrastructure construction
7. Continue planning municipal land development projects to facilitate local expansion
8. Achieve efficient use of municipal property through active restoration of idle or underutilized municipal buildings
9. Continue mentoring Taipei City Government authorities and public schools in property management services to protect municipal property rights
10. Increase municipal treasury income through continuous management of non-public-use municipal property in fragmented, confined conditions with no demand for public use
11. Maintain municipal property rights through continuous management of leasing services for non-public-use municipal real estate, combined with integrated updates of property management information systems and stronger system control functions
12. Actively clean and exploit idle non-public-use municipal land. In addition to public usage, property with no short-term usage plan should be leased out for short-term occupation or be designated for landscaping or fencing, in order to improve management and maintain city appearance
13. Continue promoting upcoming urban renewal projects led by the city government