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NO.TitlePublish Date
1DOF cooperated with the "2024 Taipei International Dragon Boat Championships" event to promote tobacco and alcohol law education, and the public participated actively.2024-06-08
2Latest Public Debt in May, 20242024-06-07
3The Department of Finance, Taipei City Government's "Taipei Information Park and Parking Lot BOT Project" was featured in the April 2024 edition of the Ministry of Finance's newsletter on promoting private participation, and sharing case experiences.2024-04-18
4The Department of Finance (DOF)of Taipei City Government (TCG) visited Penghu County to visit financial affairs, and welcome the county government to organize a delegation to participate in the World Masters Games 2025 Taipei & New Taipei City.2024-03-29
5The meeting of the Taipei City Government (TCG) and advisors of the financial group was successfully concluded2024-03-20
6The Taipei City Government was awarded excellent in the assessment of seizures on illegal tobacco and alcohol products by the Ministry of Finance.2024-03-07
7The United States Bureau of Land Management emphasizes both land conservation and public property management, making it a noteworthy model for consideration.2023-08-30
8DOF visited Kima Office, National Property Administration, Ministry of Finance, and Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc., exchanging ideas on property management and professional knowledge of tobacco and alcohol.2023-08-10
9DOF visited Kinmen Country Government, Kinmen Offshore Flotilla, and Jinning Township Village Administration with fruitful results.2023-08-09
10TCSSLS Promoted Secured Small Loans Business in the Taipei Waterfront Dragon Boat Carnival, Celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival with the Public2023-06-26
11The meeting of Taipei City Government (TCG) and advisors of the financial group was successfully concluded2023-05-24
12"Taipei City Government (TCG) Demi-Whip System of Property Manager Training Course and Business Symposium" held on May 23, 2023, was successfully completed.2023-05-23
13The Department of Finance (DOF), Taipei City Government (TCG) promotes smart finance and taxation at the International Smart City Forum2023-03-29
14The Department of Finance, Taipei City Government visited the Finance Bureau of Taichung City Government with fruitful results2023-02-18
15The speech "Idea and Practice of Housing Justice" given by Professor Chang Chin-Oh was successfully concluded2023-01-09
162019 Land Value Tax collection begins in November2019-10-29
17The Press Conference for the Taipei City Governmental Expansion of Easycard Payment Application Ended Successfully.2014-01-09
18The “Cost-Benefit Analysis” training course hosted by the Department of Finance (DOF) has successfully come to an end2013-06-13
19Ruentex Development Co. was granted the right to carry out the “Urban Renewal Implementation Projects of 17 land sites in Parcel No. 72, 5th Subsection, Nanhai Section, Zhongzheng District” project by the Taipei City Government (TCG). The Signing Ceremony was smooth and successfully completed on June 25, 2012.2013-06-05
20The 89th meeting of “Management Committee of Taipei for Foundation of Surplus by Trading the Land in Lieu Expenditure from Land Readjustment”concluded2013-05-24