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Visited by central and local finance teams and municipal consultants of financial, Taipei Expo receive positive feedback

“The 2022 Taipei Expo--THE FUTURE IS NOW" was grandly held at Taipei Expo Park-Expo Dome from August 27 to September 11, 2022. It has entered its 10th day so far. The central and local finance teams, the municipal advisors of the finance group, and members of the finance-related committees participated in the splendid visit, and gave constant praise, to get a taste of the different charms of Taipei.

The Taipei Expo includes various themes and different ways of interactive exhibitions. The Department of Finance exhibited the topic of " Smart City Economics" in the fifth exhibition area, "Innovation and Entrepreneurship" area, to show Taipei City's excellent fiscal discipline and achievement of asset revitalization. The lifeblood of the municipal government is finance. Steady fiscal discipline is the foundation of sustainable urban development.

The exhibition is explained by easy-to-understand text on the display board with vivid images. Through lively and vivid multimedia interactive games, citizens can fully experience and understand the results of various financial activation achievements by participating in the game levels designed not only for adults but also for children.

The Department of Finance stated that citizens are welcome to participate remaining 6 days of “The 2022 Taipei Expo" at the Taipei Expo Park-Expo Dome to witness the continuous progress and diverse innovation of the city. You can also visit the Taipei Expo official website (https://cityexpo.taipei) to browse the online exhibition, and to see the present and the future vision of Taipei City.