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Department of Finance (DOF), Taipei City Government presses ahead with bilingualization of government public information and devotes to enhancing the capability of English communication.

To boost national competitiveness on the wave of globalization, the first step is developing international communication skills and international perspectives. In December 2022, the DOF started to translate the minute of department meetings held every month into English to create a bilingual public service system. Step by step, the DOF looks forward to carrying out the policy of English environment promoted by Mayor Chiang, Wan-An to improve the capability of interpersonal skills in English of civil servants, and to respond to the “Blueprint for Developing Taiwan into a Bilingual Nation by 2030”, advocated by National Development Council since December 2018, working together to build a bilingual Country.

The minutes of the department meeting held on December 28, 2022 have been presented in bilingual for the first time.