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The superficies rights of the former site of the administrative center of Xinyi District, Taipei City was successfully handed over to the contract winner in accordance with the contract.

On December 20, 2022, Department of Finance, Taipei City Government and Nanshan Life Insurance had successfully completed the handover ceremony of the subject property in the former administrative building of Xinyi District. The process went smoothly and successfully. Nanshan Life Insurance will start preparations for the construction of the landmark building in Xinyi District.

Chen Jiazhen, commissioner of the Department of Finance, said Taipei City Government opened a tender for  the superficies rights of the former Xinyi District Administrative Center Base in 2019, and signed a contract with Nanshan Life Insurance, the winning bidder, on December 18, 2019, with a royalty of NT$15.981 billion dollars, setting a highest record of royalty at more than NT$7.44 million per ping in the Xinyi District.

Department of Finance stated that the construction itself is a commercial building with 30 floors above the ground and 3 floors underground. Nanshan Life Insurance tendered its proposal on Aug. 19 , 2022 and got the greenlight from Municipal Design and Land Development Council and went on to secure the construction permit on Sept., 27. This project is geared toward compliance with the energy preservation and carbon reduction initiative devised by the City Government,  following the design protocol of green building(golden rated) and smart construction(silver rated). Department of Finance and Nanshan Life Insurance completed the handover of the status quo of the land today (Dec 20, 2022), Nanshan Life Insurance will embark on the construction and development in accordance with the agreement on the establishment of the superficies rights contract. The Xinyi District Administrative Center had relocated to Guangci Boai Park on December 5, 2022 to provide better  services to the public.