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DOF has Established the Data on Unused City-owned Real Estate to Increase the Efficiency in the Appropriation and Utilization of Public City Real Property

The Department of Finance (DOF), Taipei City Government (TCG) has established the “Unused City-owned Land Inventory” and the “Unused City-owned Building Inventory” to effectively manage unused city-owned real estate. The data are published on the website of DOF, which includes maps, cadastral information, and pictures. When departments and schools have demands for the official use of city-owned real estate, DOF will appropriate public properties according to the TCG policy and urgency to maximize the benefit of city property.

Some of the non-public properties, which belong to DOF, are open to application except for those that have been set up parking lots by the TCG and have been used to Green Beautifications entrusted management by private. The fee is based on the size of the area and the annual rate is 5% of the announced land value and 10% of the current value of the building. The maximum lease period is 2 years. In further, if there is no development plan at the end of the lease period, the contract can be renewed twice. Except for public applications, the DoF will also lease by public tender for suitable targets. The information can be found at the following link(traditional Chinese).