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The Department of Finance (DoF) held a successful press conference in March 2023. The DoF is ready to provide more convenient and high-quality services for citizens through the innovation of financial business.

On March 14, the Department of Finance (DoF) held a press conference on "Comprehensive Financial Services" at Taipei City Hall, where Commissioner You Shih-Ming led the heads of all divisions, and Deputy Spokesman Xu Zheng-Suan participated in the whole process, to announce new fiscal policies this year and communicate face-to-face with media reporters.

The DoF stated that Taipei City Government (TCG) has reduced its debt for the first time in more than two years, and will continue to use various financial strategies to strengthen debt management. Commissioner You Shih-Ming pointed out that the DoF is the first in the country this year to launch two major services, the "Video Rental Service Cloud" and the "Visual Lot Rate Inquiry System". Since it is hard for citizens to handle the leasing case in person, through the online one-click number application or consultation, there will be a dedicated person who replies to citizens via video, providing multiple, convenient and high-quality services. 

Commissioner You added that the Inquiry System offers a simple and user-friendly map visualization interface. Citizens can select any location on the map to obtain detailed information on the housing street section adjustment rate in the specified location and nearby area, and easily compare the properties of different locations. Via providing this system, the lot rate trend and the evaluation situation of the housing lot rate in this city are clear, and it will be officially launched this month. 

In addition, Taipei City Secured Small Loans Service (institute of the DoF) has established" Taipei Shwoo Website ", which is the largest public sector online auction platform in Taiwan, providing channels for public agencies to publicly auction scrapped public properties. In March 2023, Tainan City Government signed a memorandum of cooperation with the TCG to formally join the auction of " Taipei Shwoo Website ", becoming the 16th cooperative local government. The website allows waste resources to be reused and improves circular economic benefits. At the same time, the DoF is also actively promoting investment promotion. It has been awarded the PPP Distinguished Awards by the Ministry of Finance for five consecutive years. The investment amount in 2022 was nearly NT$55 billion, which has achieved remarkable results.

Facing the wave of globalization and internationalization, the DoF begins to implement the bilingual presentation of bureau affairs meeting records to the public in December 2022. Through the bilingualization of government documents and other public information, the DoF looks forward to strengthening the capability of interpersonal skills in English of civil servants.