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Commissioner of Department of Finance, Taipei City Government visited the agent bank of government treasury to ensure smooth service during the Lunar New Year holiday.

Before the Lunar New Year holiday, the commissioner of the Department of Finance(DoF), Taipei City Government(TCG) visited the Shifu Branch and Government Banking Department of Taipei Fubon Bank for observing the operating status and expected that people would be able to withdraw cash smoothly without any abnormalities during the Lunar New Year holiday.

There is a foreigner-friendly area in Shifu Branch, which provides instant translation services in 38 languages, allowing people from all over the world to Taiwan to complete transactions without language barriers. The lobby of the Shifu Branch provides the "pay.taipei smart payment experience VR zone", which is open to everyone, allowing people to experience the world-class landscape while applying to banking businesses. "The municipal dashboard" of the Government Banking Department provides the latest news on the annual revenue and expenditure of TCG, to help people grasp budget implementation efficiency and other various information.

Considering that the period of the Lunar New Year holiday is relatively long this time, and to meet the needs of emergency funds such as major disasters (ex: wind, flood, and earthquake) or other major financial and economic changes, TCG has enacted the " TCG Disposal Guidelines for Emergency Withdraw for Major Disasters". All government agencies and schools can withdraw funds urgently outside the business hours of the agent bank of government to meet business needs. Therefore, all relevant standard operating procedures (SOP) from the Government Banking Department of Taipei Fubon Bank were reminded for unexpected needs.

In addition, consumers’ demand for cash withdrawals will increase greatly during the Lunar New Year holiday. The commissioner of DoF You Shih-Ming also represented Mayor Chiang Wan-An asking for the smooth operation of Taipei Fubon Bank’s automated teller machines (ATMs), to support the cash withdrawal and transfer during the Lunar New Year holiday so that all the people enjoy a wonderful year.