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Taipei City Government Continues Soliciting Private Sector’s Creative Proposals for Revitalizing Idle Municipal Properties

In order to introduce private resources to revitalize idle municipal properties, the Department of Finance (DOF) of Taipei City Government (TCG) formulated the "TCG Plan for Soliciting Private Proposals for Revitalizing Idle Municipal Properties" in 2018 and revised relevant regulations. The targeted objects for openly soliciting private sector’s creative proposals intended for public interests are selected on the basis of housing conditions, location, and the permitted use of urban planning etc. The proposer only needs to pay the necessary expenses such as repair fees and taxes. Until now, 5 announcements have been made, disclosing 17 idle municipal properties to be revitalized, with 11 contracts signed. The duration of concession is limited to 3 years. To date, there are 7 contracts in implementation, and properties selected in Zhongzheng District and Da'an District will be disclosed in the near future. Any proposal put forward will be welcomed.

DOF stated that it has regularly reviewed the inventory of idle municipal properties submitted by agencies of TCG, and urged immediate utilization of idle properties according to the planned and designated purposes. When municipal properties become idle, DOF will first turn those idle properties to other agencies of TCG for further use as it is a priority for municipal properties to be used for public interests. Then properties that are lying idle will be selected for soliciting private proposal for revitalization, or those with commercial interests will be tendered for leasing openly and thus increase the revenue to TCG coffers.