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Ministry of Finance officials visited Taipei City Revenue Service to conduct a tax collection assessment

The Ministry of Finance (MOF) conducts annual performance evaluations for tax collection authorities to improve their operations in tax collection, taxpayer rights protection, tax education and promotion, and taxation services. On February 14, 2023, the Acting Director-general of the Taxation Administration of MOF, Ms. Lou Mei-Chung, led a team to conduct an on-site assessment of the tax collection operations for the fiscal year 2022 at Taipei City Revenue Service (TRS). She expressed gratitude and appreciation to Commissioner You of the Department of Finance, Taipei City Government, Director Ni of the TRS, and all the staff for their efforts on behalf of Minister Chung of MOF, recognized their innovative and simplified services to the people, and shared experiences of other tax collection authorities.

At the same time, she commended the TRS for winning the triple crown in tax collection operations, taxpayer rights protection, as well as tax education and promotion in the fiscal year 2021. The TRS was also awarded first place in Group A of the local tax collection authority in the performance of checking house tax registration that maintains tax fairness. Acting Director-general Lou also recognized the TRS's support for the overall policy of housing justice. The assessment was successfully completed with everyone's efforts.

The annual evaluation of tax collection authorities by MOF is a major event. Commissioner You of the Department of Finance, Taipei City Government attaches great importance to this and attended both the morning and afternoon meetings. He hoped to let the MOF understand the various innovations of the TRS colleagues in 2022 through the opportunity to exchange opinions once a year. For example, in terms of the collection process, under the leadership of Director Ni, the TRS pioneered the use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for local taxes, which automated the process and improved efficiency. Regarding taxation services, the TRS proactively proposed and collaborated with Revenue Service Office, New Taipei City in light of the common living circle of Taipei City and New Taipei City. The TRS launched a Kiosk service providing tax services in both Taipei City and New Taipei City, which was the first of its kind in the country. Additionally, the TRS continuously improved its Online Tax Service and extended the service to a lot of village offices and even overseas.

Commissioner You further stated that in recent years, the TRS has actively promoted reductions in house tax for houses leased for public welfare purposes by landlords, differential tax rates for multiple households, and spared no effort in promoting reasonable tax systems. In terms of tax education and promotion, the TRS also innovatively introduced an online exhibition center. Simultaneously, it fully utilized the resources of "Taipei Pass" to promote cloud invoices and various tax policies. The efforts of the TRS staff in tax collection are worthy of commendation.

After a whole day of on-site assessment in groups, the Evaluation Committee recognized the performance of the TRS. Through the communication platform of the tax collection assessment, the TRS shared experiences with other tax collection authorities, so as to learn from each other and strive for excellence. The TRS is expected to keep working hard, never to slack off, and to continuously improve its performance to further levels of tax administration.