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Taipei City Revenue Service KIOSK is on Trial now. Timely Service with Free Gift!

Affected by COVID-19, Taipei City Revenue Service (TRS) has accelerated the pace of automation and digitization of tax services. Following the well-received "Tax Cloud Service" launched in 2020, the " Automatic service machine (KIOSK)" has been available in 12 TRS branches for trial operation since Dec. 23,2021. The public can use this machine to reissue tax bills, apply for tax payment certificates and other 17 tax service items, and apply for self-use residential land tax rate as well as other 4 tax cases. This KIOSK originates services including applying for the lists of properties and income, paying taxes by credit card and mobile payments, plus using cross-organization webpage to query cadastral information and land use districts, etc. The variety of application services allows the public to handle tax matters in one machine. People can easily complete the application in just 3 steps. Fast and convenient!

TRS stated that, in order to maintain information security, the public must use Citizen Digital Certificate or MOEACA ID card to verify their identity when using the KIOSK. Considering that some people do not have a citizen digital certificate, "National Health Insurance card" can be used instead, making the use of this service more popular. In an effort to encourage the public to use the KIOSK, TRS is holding the "Tax DIY, Time-saving and Easy" activity right now. Anyone who uses the machine to reissue tax bills, make tax payment, issue certificates, or apply for local tax related cases can get a small gift with a maximum of 2 gifts for each participant. This activity will last until gifts are given out completely. The public is welcome to experience it.

TRS further expressed that adding the automated service process not only avoids person-to-person contact during the epidemic, but also effectively diverts the flow of applicants and saves time for the public. In addition, Datong, Zhongshan and Neihu branches extend office hours to 8:30 pm in order to meet the needs of day-job employees. The KIOSK at Zhongzheng branch also provides 24-hour service. The public can handle their tax matters more flexibly. The public can visit the official website for the detailed service time and locations.