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Taipei City Government has won the PPP Distinguished Awards for five consecutive years after striving to promote private investment in public infrastructure

In 2021, Taipei City Government (TCG) has reaped a gorgeous harvest of promoting private investment in public infrastructure worth more than NT$33.8 billion, including mega cases like the Taipei Digital Content Innovation Center BOT project and the T17 and T18 development projects via the creation of superficies at Beitou-Shilin Science and Technology Park, succeeding in the first place in investment amount among the local governments in Taiwan. With 16 signed contracts, TCG also ranked first in project number when compared to other local governments in Taiwan. Attending the "2022 TAIWAN PPP Solicitation Convention" organized by the Ministry of Finance, Mayor Ko Wen-Je was given the “2022 PPP Distinguished Awards in both amount and number” on the occasion.


After taking office, Mayor Ko has urged setting SOP for each stage of PPP, introducing the excess profit sharing mechanism, revising regulations governing the creation of superficies, establishing the top ceiling on appreciation of land rents, monitoring the progress of each project of significance quarterly and delegating a PPP promotion committee providing counseling on PPP. All were done to revamp the mechanism for promoting private investment in public infrastructures. Efforts devoted were followed by a fruitful outcome with 101 signed contracts worth NT$220.4 billion from 2015 to 2021. TCG has won the PPP Distinguished Awards for a streak of five years, especially the 2022 awards straddling both investment amount and project number.


Taipei City is an international city with unique competitiveness in economy and trade. The TCG has been striving to improve its business environment to attract private investment. The government announced at the 2022 TAIWAN PPP Solicitation Convention that it has attracted private investment worth NT$26.4 billion in public infrastructure. There are several other projects which have been in the preparation stage. The involvement of the private sector in the provision of infrastructure and related services aims to foster local prosperity by speeding up the development of city-owned lands, enhancing the effectiveness of utilizing the City resources, creating more business opportunities, and increasing local employment via bringing in the private sector’s expertise.


Any parties interested in investing in the public infrastructure in Taipei City are welcomed to visit our website to collect information on investment opportunities. Private investors should seek opportunities and bid for the projects released. The participation of the private sector in increasing access to infrastructure and related services is critical to boom the local economy and enhance social welfare.