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Organization Chart
I.Our service is one of city-owned business, led by a director, who deals with the affairs and directs the staff under orders of the Department of Finance, Taipei City Government.

II.We now have seven branches, including Song-Long, Gu-Ting, Long-Shan, Da-Tong, Zhong-Shan, Jing-Mei, Shi-Lin, in Taipei city.

III.There are subordinates under the director of the service. Their duties are as followed:
1.Business Squad:dealing with the operation and management of movable security loans, as well as the tender of the overdue securities.
2.Auditing Squad:in charge of the establishment, analysis, statistics, and management of the data of security loans as well as the auditing and examining of loans.
3.Administrative Service: in charge of the operation and allocation of finance, documents, research and evaluation, general affairs, cashier, and those not included in any other squad’s duties.
4.Accounting Office: in charge of budgeting, accounting and statistics.
5.The personnel officer deals with the personnel-related affairs in accordance with the regulation. The Government ethics of our service is also included in the duties.

Organization Chart of Taipei City Secured Small Loans Service