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Lending rate
At present the monthly interest rate is 0.68%, meaning a NT$10,000 loan incurs a cost of just NT$68 per month.
For residents who are domiciled in Taipei City, the interest rate is 0.62% per month.
For residents who are domiciled in Taipei City and identified as the disabled, aboriginals or low/lower-middle income households, we provide 0.4% as the monthly interest rate.
For households who had applied to the Department of Social Welfare of Taipei City Government for emergency or disaster aid and gained approval in nearly six months, can also apply to the rate of 0.4%.

Papers necessary for loan applications
Client can use their identity cards, driving licenses, military service identity card, foreigners Alien Resident Visa or passport to arrange loans. For loan against motorcycle, it shall be less than 20,000 km mileage and less than 3 years since acquired. Relevant papers, such as license plate registration and motor license accompanied with keys and the said motorcycle should be kept in our office until the said loan is paid.

Loans period
Loans are for up to 6 months except those against motorcycles and electronic devices are 3 months.

Collateral items

Collateral items
(1)Gold: gold ornamental items, gold coins, gold bars can all be accepted as collateral with the exception of gold plaques of the type used by temples (including engraved tablets engraved with the images of spirits)
     I .Coins and bullions (Pt 999 or Pt1000)
     II .Accessories with stampings of manufacturer logo, purity (Pt 900 or up) and certification mark published by the noble metal committee.
(4)Other items, watches, lighters, light or heavy motorcycles, mobile phones, digital cameras, PCs etc.

Interest rate calculation method
(1) If the loan period is less than a month a minimum charge the equivalent of one full month interest will be charged
(2) If the loan period exceeds one month, for each full month the given rate of interest will be incurred, after which if full repayment is completed within the first 5 days of new month, than no charge will be incurred for that month. If it is repaid between the 6th-15th days of a given month than only half that month interest will be charged, completion of repayment from the 16th day onwards will incur a full months interest.