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The speech "Idea and Practice of Housing Justice" given by Professor Chang Chin-Oh was successfully concluded

The Department of Finance (DOF) invited Professor Chang Chin-Oh to give a speech, "Idea and Practice of Housing Justice-- Reflections of a Retired Educator and Practitioner", on January 9. The speech was brilliant and was responded enthusiastically by the participants. 

In addition to sharing his mental journey of completing the six action programs of improving the housing market, rental housing, urban renewal, urban taste, professional mechanism, and civil society during his 1 year and 9 months as the former Deputy Mayor, Professor Chang also made an in-depth analysis of the current housing market situation and major real estate policy.
Professor Chang encouraged colleagues in the city government to achieve the goals of "transparency and diversity of information", "preventing speculation", "stabilizing the market", "fair and reasonable burden", and establish a fair and efficient market mechanism to improve the housing market.

DOF, Taipei City Government (TCG) invited the Department of Land Administration, the Department of Urban Development, the Department of Social Welfare, Taipei City Construction Management Office, Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office, and citizens to participate. Deputy Secretary-General Chang Wen-Te of the TCG, Commissioner You Shih-Ming of DOF, Commissioner Chen Hsin-Liang of the Department of Land Administration, Counselor Li De-Quan of the TCG, Director Ni Yung-Tsu of Taipei City Revenue Service and Director Chang Ya-Hui of Taipei City Secured Small Loans Service also attended. Regarding people believe that the cost of holding real estate is low, Commissioner You of DOF and Director Ni of Taipei City Revenue Service also added that the ratio of Self-financing Resources to the total annual revenue in Taipei City is the highest in the country at 64%, and according to the statistics of low-use (electricity consumption) houses announced by the Ministry of the Interior, the ratio of vacant houses of Taipei City is the lowest in the country, which shows that under the current tax system, the housing in Taipei City is used most effectively. Besides, the housing tax base effort of Taipei City is the best among the six special municipalities. To improve the housing market, DOF will listen to opinions from various sectors and keep working hard.

Finally, on behalf of the TCG, Commissioner You of DOF awarded a certificate of appreciation to Professor Chang to thanks for the wonderful speech from which the colleagues in the city government learned much.