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Department of Finance

Duties and Services


Divisions and Subordinate Agencies of Department of Finance, Taipei City Government


Duties and Services

City Finance Management Division:

Treasury management, financial management & distributing resources, revenue management, debt management, and overall funding.

Tobacco/Alcohol Control And Tax Administration Division:

Taxation administration, banking administration, tobacco and alcohol investigation, and subcontracting the management of underground shopping mall to private sectors.

Financial Services Administration Division:

Management of the promotion of private participation in the development and creation of superficies of non-publicly-owned TCG properties, the promotion and supervision of private participation in the TCG's infrastructure projects, and the management of the TCG Property Development Fund.

Public City Property Division:

Supervision of public assets management and agency/school asset management.

City Property Management Division :

Management of non-public usage assets; the leasing, sales, and utilization of the City Government's real estate properties.

City Property Development Division :

Land development and the management and supervision of the city's property development fund and assistance in promotion of private participation in development and creation of superficies of non-public properties owned by Republic of China.

Disbursement Division:

Disbursing funds and budget control allocation.

Administrative Services Office:

General administration, R&D, administrative planning, document timing control, general affairs, cashier, document/file management, and affairs not under any other divisions.

Government Ethics Office:

The drafting and proliferation of government ethical orders; government ethic reforms; the maintenance of government secrets; the prevention and detection of governmental corruption; and supervision of the ethics of subordinate agencies.

Accounting Office:

Fiscal accounting, accounting and statistics; and supervision of the accounting activities of subordinate agencies.

Personnel Office:

Appointment, discharge, transfer, evaluation, punishment, reward, training, continuing education, retirement, relief, welfare, and other similar personnel management affairs, as well as the supervision of the personnel management of subordinate agencies.

Information Systems Unit:

The planning and promotion of information-related affairs.


Duties and Services

Taipei City Revenue Service:

13 branches for auditing, imposition, taxation inquiries, and tax services.

Taipei City Secured Small Loans Service:

8 branches to offer low interests loans for citizens and foreigners up to age of 20-years-old.