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Concepts and Objectives

Committed to raising funds for all city government undertakings, the Department of Finance (DOF) helps all Taipei City Government(TCG) agencies implement various urban developments projects according to the concept of "supporting development with effective financing and sustaining financing with effectual development." Based on the three strategic goals – "rich financial resources","high financial efficiency" and "responsive financial measures" – we focus on the "three conversions", namely, converting financial control into financial services, converting governmental financial management into business financial management and converting passive supply into active support. Faced with demanding challenges of city administration, we have launched administrative reforms, reshaped the operational structure, introduced concepts of business management and injected a powerful drive to flexibly and efficiently respond to changes. We establish service-oriented concepts that see the general public as our customers and provide effective quality services for them. Based on DOF's functional capacity in the area of financing, taxation, banking and TCG asset management, we have taken eight strategic measures including "enhancing financial efficiency","improving taxation services","upgrading banking services","sustainable management of TCG assets","reorganizing DOF","clear definition of staff responsibilities","dedication to R&D" and "civil work marketing". Through effective management, we promote the concept of personnel quality enhancement, operational quality assurance and institutional quality management in order to improve DOF's administrative efficiency. Major strategies include:
Strengthening financial administration, flexibly distributing financial resources, increasing interest income, reducing interest payment and futile spending and assisting in contracting public affairs to private management to help TCG develop new resources, cut back expenditure and enhance financial efficiency.

Turning from tax-evasion-investigation-oriented to taxation-service-oriented administration; working with the people to create a fair, reasonable taxation environment known for its taxation service/management; implementing the service concept that "tax payment is a legal obligation," that "legal tax reduction is a right," and that "it is the government's responsibility to take the initiative to deliver tax returns."

Providing guidance to ensure orderly running of the banking service administration.
Developing/utilizing TCG properties through commissioned or BOT-type management.
Helping TCG agencies establish strategic partnership to widen the scope of public services.
In order to take up new challenges and offer first-rated services to fellow citizens, it is necessary for DOF to plan and launch effective training programs to establish an administrative culture known for its quality services. In recent years, DOF fastened its attention on "staff training and system establishment" with the hope that through effective "introduction, dissemination and utilization of knowledge" our staffs' work capacity may be enhanced and the quality of financial services may be improved. We have amended various rules and regulations and formulated operational standards and guidelines to standardize our operations. Through flexible utilization of human resources, we enhanced our administrative efficiency; through the concept of service marketing, we offer quality services experienced only in leading business establishments. We have injected living waters into civil services so we may serve our people in a highly efficient manner.