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History of Department of Finance, Taipei City Government

October 25, 1945

After the restoration of Taiwan, the Taipei City government was established as a city subordinate to the provincial government. The Department of Finance was one of the organizations within the city government. There was a commissioner and the finance, assets, tax and market divisions.

December 30, 1966

The Taipei City Government became a municipality under the Executive Yuan and started autonomous rule.

July 1, 1967

The Taipei City was officially reorganized and the Department of Finance was appointed as a first grade unit under the city government with one commissioner, one deputy commissioner, four divisions and two offices.

March 1991

The organization charter was amended to meet business requirements, and it was necessary to add a fifth division and an administrative services.

September 16, 1992

The internal affairs unit of every agency was re-organized into the office of government ethics according to the Government Ethic Staff Regulations.

May 16, 1994

An information system team was formed. So far, Department of Finance had five divisions, four offices and one team, with the total of 149 staffs.

December 1994

The DOF organization remained unchanged and had five divisions, four offices and one team, with the total of 149 staffs even though the commissioner of DOF became a political appointee post after the Municipality Autonomous Act was implemented. The organization of DOF remained the same though the Local Government Organization Act implemented on January 25 1999.

April 2003

In accordance with the provision of the Municipality Act that the organization of Taipei City Government shall be defined by its municipal guideline, Article 1 of the organization guideline of DOF was changed to “This guideline is formulated in accordance with the provision set forth in Article 6 of the Autonomous Act on Organization of Taipei City Government” and Article 8 was rephrased as “Department of Finance shall establish the Revenue Service and the Disburse Office, of which the organization guideline shall be formulated separately; Department of Finance shall establish the Municipal Secured Small Loan Office, of which the organization guideline shall be formulated separately.” Other branches include the existing 5 divisions and 4 offices with a total of 149 staff positions.

November 7, 2005

The organization guideline and structure of the DOF were revised according to the "TCG Disburse Office Organization Guideline" and staffing structure abolished. The 5 divisions and 4 offices were restructured to 7 divisions and 5 offices. In accordance with the nature of the operations, the names and responsibilities of the divisions/offices were adjusted. The original Sections 1 through 5 were renamed as City Finance Division, Tobacco/Alcohol Control And Tax Administration Division, Financial Services Administration Division, Public City Property Division and City Property Management Division, with City Property Development Division and Disbursement Division and Information Office added. The total number of staff positions were expanded to 195, and the adjustment was scheduled to take effect on March 1, 2006.

March 1, 2009

The responsibilities and services of certain divisions of DOF were adjusted in accordance with municipal policies and related amendments on laws. The service of “the Management and Supervision of the Registration for the Chartered Accountants” was beyond the scope of DOF’s authority, after the Certified Public Accountant Act was amended. The service was originally governed by the Tobacco/Alcohol Control and Tax Administration Division. In addition, the Financial Services Administration Division’s responsibilities for “the Community Finance”, “the Guidance and Management of Secured Small Loans Service”, and “the Financial Consumer Protection” were reassigned to the Tobacco/Alcohol Control and Tax Administration Division. “The Development and Operation of City-owned Properties” conducted by the City Property Development Division was reassigned to the Financial Services Administration Division alternatively.

October 1, 2012

City Property Development Division commenced a new operation of “the Revitalization and Cooperative Development of Idle State-owned Lands.”

July 1, 2013

The responsibility for “the Lease of Shopping Arcades in the Area K, MRT Taipei Main Station” was reassigned to the Tobacco/Alcohol Control and Tax Administration Division from the City Property Development Division.