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NO.TitlePublish Date
21Visited by central and local finance teams and municipal consultants of financial, Taipei Expo receive positive feedback2022-09-05
22Amendment for Halving Amusement Tax Has passed Through Three Readings2022-08-04
23Taipei City Government has won the PPP Distinguished Awards for five consecutive years after striving to promote private investment in public infrastructure2022-07-01
24Taipei City Secured Small Loans Service provide preferential interest relief measures2022-06-01
252022 house-tax payment deadline is on May 31, reminding the public to pay soon and make more use of online tax payment for ease and convenience.2022-05-25
26Taipei City Government Continues Soliciting Private Sector’s Creative Proposals for Revitalizing Idle Municipal Properties2022-04-01
27New Project of Action Plan for Housing Justice 2.4, Advocacy of Differential Tax Rate for Other Houses Used for Residential Purposes2022-03-25
28Taipei city revenue service will start the 2022 annual land value tax registration and usage recertification work from now on.2022-02-19
29All-electric cars and motorcycles in Taipei City are exempted from Vehicle License Tax up until December 31, 20252022-01-13
30Taipei City Revenue Service KIOSK is on Trial now. Timely Service with Free Gift!2021-12-22
31Taipei City Government won the 2020 PPP Distinguished Awards for the fourth time in succession2021-10-07
32The fee for using Taipei City Government (TCG)’s self-operated venues will be reduced by 50% from October 8, 20212021-09-24
33The application deadline of house tax cut measures for Taipei City’s indoor-dining-prohibited business has been extended to September 1, 20212021-08-25
34Taipei City’s 9 Temporary Relief Measures2021-08-05
35Taipei City Secured Small Loans Service expands relief measures to reduce loan interest by 75%2021-07-15
36In Response to the Pandemic Impact on Entertainment Consumption, Taipei City Government’s Initiation on Halving Amusement Tax will be Extended by One More Year2021-06-23
37Starting from July 1st, 2021, the applicable period of preferential tax rate for builders to sell the residential houses is shortened to 1.5 years and the house tax rate is increased to 2% in order to accelerate house releasing rate2021-05-31
38Tax preference to houses leased for public welfare purposes - applicable to legitimate residences only2021-05-13
39The implementation of the excess profits mechanism for PPP projects during the Mayor Ko Wen-Je’s term in office has gradually become effective2021-05-06
40Taipei City Revenue Service (TRS) kickoff 2021 house tax inspection2021-03-18