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NO.TitlePublish Date
1Introducing Private Resources and Creative Proposals to Revitalize Old Municipal Properties2023-05-18
2Establishment of a Supply and Demand Integration Mechanism and Inventory of Available City-owned Properties2023-05-17
3The Groundbreaking Ceremony of Fubon Life Insurance’s "New Construction Project in Yucheng Section, Nangang District" Successfully Completed2023-05-10
4The Open Tender for the 2nd Short-Term Borrowing of Taipei City’s Debt Fund in Fiscal Year 2023 is Successfully Completed2023-05-09
5TCSSLS Launches the “I Love Mommy Luxurious Collateral Bidding” Event Before Mother's Day2023-05-08
6Incorporated Excess Profit Sharing Mechanism into Taipei City Government's BOT Project SOP, Finance Department Staff Named Model of Integrity and Efficiency2023-04-20
7Taipei City Secured Small Loans Service Promotes Reusing Scrapped Public Property in Concert with Earth Day2023-04-18
8The 13th Allocation of Centrally-Funded Tax Revenues in the 111th fiscal year being used as a source of additional budget for the 112th fiscal year by Taipei City Government according to the instructions from the Ministry of Finance is in compliance with the regulations2023-04-14
9Real Estate Evaluation of Taipei City Government in 2023, Revenue Service has outsourced the research on the standard property values for property tax to improve tax fairness.2023-04-05
10The Visual Lot Rate Inquiry System of Taipei City Revenue Service has been officially launched2023-03-29
11The Taipei City Government (TCG) executes the urban renewal project in the Muzha section of Wenshan District by means of delegated demolition, taking into account both public interests and the rights of landowners.2023-03-22
12The Department of Finance (DoF) held a successful press conference in March 2023. The DoF is ready to provide more convenient and high-quality services for citizens through the innovation of financial business.2023-03-14
13DOF has Established the Data on Unused City-owned Real Estate to Increase the Efficiency in the Appropriation and Utilization of Public City Real Property2023-02-22
14Ministry of Finance officials visited Taipei City Revenue Service to conduct a tax collection assessment2023-02-14
15Taipei City Government (TCG) shows fiscal discipline by reducing debt properly2023-02-03
16Commissioner of Department of Finance, Taipei City Government visited the agent bank of government treasury to ensure smooth service during the Lunar New Year holiday.2023-01-18
17Department of Finance(DoF), Taipei City Government presses ahead with bilingualization of government public information and devotes to enhancing the capability of English communication.2023-01-06
18The superficies rights of the former site of the administrative center of Xinyi District, Taipei City was successfully handed over to the contract winner in accordance with the contract.2022-12-20
19The Open Tender for the 5th Short-Term Borrowing of Taipei City’s Debt Fund in Fiscal Year 2022 is Successfully Completed.2022-11-03
20Try electronic tax payment, you may be the lucky one to win a gift certificate2022-10-26