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TCG properties belong to all citizens in Taipei City. We are the authority concerned to govern TCG properties. The drafting of the policy and regulations relating to the public properties management such as teaching, medical care, office operation and various kinds of public facilities managed by TCG agencies and schools is handled by this Division. In order to increase work efficiency, properties management has been thoroughly computerized. The inspection of the properties managed by TCG agencies and schools is to evaluate management results and promote effective utilization of TCG properties. In the event of any occupation , it is required to exclude the illegal occupation immediately and to develop various public facilities for all citizens .
At present the Public City Property Division is facing the reforming gradation. By the negative conservative public property mode of administration originally, then transforms itself to a more positive initiative mode of administration. In order to effectively strengthen the management and promote public property uses.
In order to facilitate people to understand how TCG properties are managed, we have edited "Statistical Collection of TCG Properties" which is published every half year, and priced on cost level without any profit. It could be purchased in Staff Co-op, Taipei City Government , Chen Cheng Book Store, San Min Book Store, etc. Welcome your purchase!