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Taxation Administration

For more taxation information and details, please go to Taipei Revenue Service https://english.tpctax.gov.taipei/

Banking Administration

A. Management of Municipal Secured Small Loans Service

The Municipal Secured Small Loans Service comprises 9 branches providing short-term loans and financing to the public.

B. Supervision of the Fifth Credit Cooperative

Currently there is one credit cooperative under the DOF's supervision, the Fifth Credit Cooperative of Taipei, with 13 branches in Taipei.

C. Consumer Protection Service

When receiving the consumer's complaint, according to Act 43 of Consumer Protection Law, the DOF will notify the bank or insurance company in letter to attend to it within 15 days since the letter arrives. If the consumer considers his/her complaint is not dealt properly, he/she may submit the complaint for the second time, which can be transferred to the Consumer Protection Officer of Taipei City Government for handling the complaint or for the mediation proceedings. Or, the consumer may apply to the Financial Ombudsman Institution for the ombudsman service on his/her own.

Tobacco and Alcohol Investigation

To Reinforce Tobacco and Alcohol Administration for Protecting Consumers' Rights and Citizen's Health:

A. Moonshine Investigation:

According to the Moonshine Investigation Project, the DOF inspects tobacco and alcohol business periodically or intermittently. During the Chinese New Year, the Dragon Boat Festival and the Moon Festival when more tobacco or alcohol products are expected to be consumed, the DOF will visit major marketplaces to conduct random inspections and to prevent smuggling.

B. Promoting Liquor & Tobacco Law Education:

In addition to publishing press release on liquor and tobacco laws, the division also provides the tactics of identifying illicit liquor and tobacco products as well as the related investigation focuses. In order to propagate the regulations of alcohol's advertisement and labeling, the DOF issues official document to the liquor/tobacco manufacturers, importers, retailers and related associations. Furthermore, the DOF also holds illustration meetings as well as attends the meetings held by the industries for promoting the knowledge of liquor/tobacco laws.   


Subcontracting the management of underground shopping mall to the Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation.

According to the Autonomous Ordinance for Management of Taipei Municipal Property, the DOF manages the underground malls as follows,
Leasing the East Metro Mall, Zhongshan Metro Mall and Ximen Metro Mall to the Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation after submitted and approved by the Taipei City Government.